Life in the Golden Years


Wednesday, March 11, 2015:  As the Trees burn at Sundown! Friday, March 13, 2015:  Nothin’ Unlucky about This Friday, the 13th …

A half-century or so ago, I was a young man and an avid pheasant hunter. That was not particularly unusual in the early 1960s. Kansas was noted for pheasant hunting back then and opening weekend saw much traffic headed for the western half of the state. Many groups of hunting buddies had standing reservations at motels and hotels in small towns that would double and triple in population for that weekend.   A… Read More

Once Upon a Time it was August And Green marked The Kansas Plain. And on a Pleasant Summer Sunday We were Blessed by Gentle Rain Now We’re Cought in the Grip of Winter And Breathe In the Bitter Cold. To Venture Forth into the Bleakness Requires an Action Bold. But Soon Again the Breeze will Soften And Blow from the Southern Isles. Father Sun will Win the Battle And Bring About Our… Read More

Rainy days such as was yesterday, April 13, 2014 (Palm Sunday) have a way of invoking memories. Some pleasant. Others, not so much … But since this is Holy Week and on Sunday we Christians will celebrate the triumphal resurrection of our Savior, this brief post will focus on happier ones. For me, a cold, dreary rainy day is perfect for brewing a pot of coffee, grabbing a book and settling in… Read More

It has begun …