I'm an old guy who is determined to do all I can to get significantly older. When the clock tolled midnight on March 31st, 2014, I officially began the 76th year of my sojourn in the rotating ball. 75 years on the green side of the grass. My dad and my grandfather both made to just short of their 87th birthdays. Dad had an uncle who made it to 98 and and aunt who pulled up just short of the century mark. I'm gonna shoot for triple digits and pray for good health. It's been an interesting life so far. My lovely and loving wife and I celebrated 55 years of wedded bliss on October 31, 2014. We have four kids, two of each gender. All married. 12 grandkids and 19 great grandkids. I am the oldest of seven siblings — five sister and a brother. My youngest sister is the same age as my oldest daughter. It's been an interesting life. I come from a rural background. My great grandfather, Jesse Thomas Banister was a wagon master for military wagon trains coming out of Fort Riley, Kansas during the Civil War. In that capacity, he was lanced by a Pawnee Indian while traveling to one of the far west Kansas forts. He went on to become a section gang foreman for a railroad, mailman for Ogden, Kansas and farmer. He died in 1910, 19 years before I was born. How I’d love to have been able to hear his stories firsthand. Expect a longer post about Jesse Thomas on my Blog, as time permits. I have eclectic tastes and that has been reflected in the vocations and avocations I’ve pursued. I am the third generation of Banisters to pursue the carpentry trade. We’re pretty good at it. We start early. From age ten on, my summers we spent going to work with my dad, who was a housing contractor. I eventually became a carpenter foreman, then construction superintendent. But I tend to keep a full plate, so while working days, I went to school evenings for most of the period between age 21 and age 44. I wound up earning a MA in Counselor Education with a minor in Business Administration. I became certified to teach/counsel and administrate in the public school systems of Kansas. Ultimately, I would use all three sets of credentials. My avocations are reading, writing (fiction and poetry), gardening and spending time in God’s natural world. We have a 110 acre farm near Rock Port in the Northwest corner of Missouri which is as close to heaven as I expect to get in this life. It’s been in my wife’s family since the first decade of the 20th century. I fell in love with it the first time I saw in 1958. And that love affair has become more passionate as the years have accumulated. ****** That’s enough for now. Should you have an interest, I post on my blog once a week of more. Photos, happenings, and musings. Some more interesting than others … Maybe I’ll see you there.

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