And So It Begins — The Season of Holidays and Wintry Blasts is Upon Us …

Thanksgiving Sunset, 2014

As the 2014 Thanksgiving Sun sets in another exhibition of the Beauty of God’s Creation, We here in the Hinterland prepare to welcome the Holiday Season and Brace Ourselves for the Season of Continual Cold and Lingering Darkness.


And what better way to prepare ourselves for the Onset of Winter than to enjoy and Early December Breakfast of a Bracing Mug of Steam Hot, Black Coffee and a Filling Plate of Poached Eggs on Toast.

The Breakfast of Champions! — (or is it “Chumps”?  I forget …)

Coffee & Poached Eggs

The Christmassy Riniker Front Yard, 2 miles east of Rock Port on U.S. 136

Christmassy Riniker Yard

12/2/2014:  December Afternoon:  Bright but Breezy and Chilly …DSC09508 DSC09505

12/8/2014:  Another Bright December Afternoon … DSC09523

More photos to come as Time (and Winter) Progress … (Warning — Some photos may be of Graphic Snowfall and Bitterly Frozen Landscapes!)

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