As December Edges Near …

I just became aware that I haven’t posted here since the Dog Days of August — nearly 3 months ago.

And now, instead of near-triple-digit high temperatures, we are facing lows in the teens.  The firewood has been cut, split and stacked — apparently not a moment too soon!

But as the clear crisp days and cool nights of autumn progress, breathtaking sunsets and brilliant foliage soothe the trouble soul.

So enjoy these Fleeting Days of Autumn Color.  Ere long, the Hinterland will become a Study in Black and White; Bare Branches and Drab Earth Tones.

And without further ado …

1:30:2014:  Gorgeous Autumn Morning - 09

As the Heavy October Cloud Bank breaks apart, allowing Father Sun to Bless This Land with …

10:30:2014:  Next to Last October Sunset - 3

A Glorious Autumn Afternoon …

10:30:2014:  Next to Last October Sunset - 2

And as He nears the Far Horizon …

10:28:2014:  Reflecting on an October Sunset - 1

His Dying Flame Reflects on This Lovely Day …

10:28:2014:  An October Sunset - 2

Before Setting the West Ablaze as He moves on to Brighten and Warm Another World.

Color it October

Dipped in the Russets, Reds and Yellows of Autumn’s Palette, Is Matched in Splendor By a Fiery November Sunset …

11:5:2014:  November Sunset

Autumn Firewood is cut, split and stacked.  The Stark, Bitter Days of Winter will be made more tolerable by the Pleasure of A Good Book enjoyed before a Crackling Fire …

November 11, 2014:  Firewood Cut, Split and Stacked

11/12/2014:  As Evening Shadows lengthen and Yet Another November Day comes to a Breathtaking Close, the Sky first takes on Pastel Shades …


Then the Western Horizon catches Aflame …


And finally, before Father Sun moves on to bring Morning Light to Other Places, He bids the Hinterland a Spectacular, Blazing Adieu!


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