The Last Connection to an Earlier Time …

It was well over 30 years ago!  

We hadn’t been living in this house too long …


We were visiting the folks when they lived on the farm near Lane.

It was a beautiful spring day.  Dad and I had walked to the highway that led to Osawatomie and were on the way back home.


As we walked up the hill to the house, he reached down and pulled up a tiny silver maple.  He handed it to me and said “Here, take this home and plant it.”

I looked at him doubtfully and he said “It’ll live.”

When we got to the house, he wrapped the roots in a wet gunny sack.  

Though still skeptical, I loaded it into the truck and when we got home, I dug a hole in the back yard, threw some fertilizer into the bottom and planted it.

It grew into the tallest tree in our yard …

Survived one fork being split, as dad would say “Clean in two” a few years ago in a wind storm.    I bolted the split together with a couple of sections of all-thead …

If you squint and focus carefully, you can see the scar at the top right of the first photo below.

This tree died this spring.  It was the last one living of three I transplanted from the Lane place.  There was also a redbud and a juniper; both long gone.  

Mom and Dad gone, too, now over a decade …

I hope I remember to mention the all-thread to whoever cuts the tree up.


<Sigh>  Life gets sad sometimes …

June 18, 2014:  The End of an Era - 3 tJune 18, 2014:  The End of an Era - 1


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