Nice human interest story in the KC Star newspaper this morning …

Holocaust survivor faces another loss as Metcalf South’s closing displaces her tailor shop

I suppose to most people the closing of a shopping center would elicit no more than a shrug and a “Meh — Times change …” comment.

But as one grows older, events such as this take on a greater import.

While I can’t imagine what it was like to live through the tragedy that was the Nazi Holocaust, I can understand this lady’s sadness over the closing of the place where she has made a life for the past 33 years.

In years long past, I have often walked the wide, teeming corridors of The mall at Metcalf South, shopping at Macys, Sears and the numerous other stores there (and, more often, “window” shopping), grabbing a bite that food court, watching as the fountain in the center court rose to the third floor a glittering rainbow illuminated by multi-colored lights, attending a film at the theater — And, always; people watching … 

To us geezers, the closing of a now-dead but long-ago busy, popular mall takes on a significance that younger folks will struggle to understand. 


Now back to your regularly-scheduled “My all-too-often inane and irrelevant blog posts” … :D

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