A Little Nostalgia on a Gorgeous Springtime Friday Afternoon

What a difference a couple of decades make!

In both change to the landscape and in digital camera technology …

The photo immediately below was take some 25 or thirty years ago. It isn’t as clear as I wish it were but if you squint and focus intently, you will see that the area across the road, in the far background behind the rail fence is empty of houses, being a farm field usually planted in wheat, corn or soy beans, where the coyotes serenaded us for the first twenty years we lived here.


The photo below was taken this afternoon (4/25/2014) from approximately the same spot. You will notice that there the field across the street is now a housing addition.

You will also notice sizable growth in the Linden tree in the right foreground, the Oak directly behind it, the Walnut to the left of the oak and the cluster of hedge trees to the left of that.

You may also notice that there is a stump where the Chinese Chestnut stood, that the tiny cherry tree that stood just in front of the hedge trees and that for several years produced loads of delicious cherries each year is gone, that the redbud tree seems to have moved (the old one beyond the fence blew down a few years ago; the one in the center of the yard is a seedling from the neighbor’s gorgeous redbud tree) and that is a new fence in the foreground.


And you may also notice in the immediate foreground that the laying-of-the-patio-stones project has been neglected for too long, an oversight that will be corrected starting tomorrow …

If the weather and this aging back holds up, the vertical stacks shown below will soon be a horizontal and restful patio covering the ugly, overgrown area in the photo immediately above.

April 24, 2014-  Rainy Day in Kansas - 01

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