Ye Olde Walnut Tree — 45 Years Later …

We bought our lot in 1969. The area in which our lot was located was formerly a pasture. The man who owned the property maintained it by mowing the land with a tractor and mowing machine a couple of times a year. He didn’t avoid anything small enough to be cut down. If it was in the way and not too big, it fell to the mowing machine!

Excited about building plans, as soon as the ink on the deed for title was dry, I set up batter boards in preparation for house building.

By coincidence, the batter board at the southwest corner of the house was set directly over a tiny but tough walnut tree that had been mowed down several times over the past few years but refused to die.

We didn’t get around to building our house until 1975. Meanwhile, the mowing machine now avoided the batter board and thereby, the tough, little walnut tree.

Having noticed the tree after setting the batter board, I was very careful during the construction to ascertain that no harm came to it.

That was then, this is now. The once-pasture is now a thriving housing addition boasting dozens of homes set on tidy lots.
No longer does a tractor and mower indiscriminately mow down everything in sight.


And forty-five years after the final time of being ruthlessly mowed down, that tiny walnut tree is now the largest of the sixteen trees that grace our quarter-acre lot.

Its trunk is some 40” in diameter and three huge trunks branch up from that base. It is the first walnut tree in the neighborhood to leaf out and the last to lose its foliage in the fall.

All the result of a tiny little tree that refused to die!

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