The idea that Kansas is a flat, featureless monochrome is just another urban legend …

The image of Kansas being “flat” is spread by people who travel cross-country on I-70 and and associate the first 150 miles of Colorado with the state to the east. No place flatter than Eastern Colorado …


The photo above is a panoramic view of the Missouri River Foothills in Wyandotte County, Taken from Old Highway 5 between Leavenworth and KCK.

And anyone who has bothered to leave the interstate to visit some of the awe-inspiring vistas linked below knows that much of Kansas is anything but flat!

Jus’ Sayin’ …

The Flint Hills
( …

The Konza Prairie
( …

The Arikaree Breaks
( …

The Ozark Plateau

( and …

The Glacial Hills of the Northeast Quarter
(, carved out by glaciers during the last ice age.

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