Should anyone happen to read this …

I’m not a internet neophyte.  I’ve built my own web page and have spent a lot of time online over the past few years.

But the WordPress blog site has me baffled.  I tried to go into the dashboard/editing site to upload a photo for the blog and met with no success.

Then I tried to apply a theme to my page.  (The only free one offered, even though I am paying $99 a year for the privilege).

No luck!

And how the heck to you “categorize” your blog?  I can’t find any categories available other than “uncategorized”!


Well, I’m muddling through the Dashboard and learning as I go.  I have managed to create a page theme and have discovered how to create categories.

But this is definitely not a user-friendly platform.  Kinda “Learn as you go.  Just click on something — maybe it will help …”

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