An old man and a new blog …

On this, the 74th year, fifth month and 21st day of my life, I have started a new blog.  Hopefully, this won’t be a short-term project …

Today is September 22, 2013 — a lovely first Sunday of Autumn.  Blue skies, bright sunshine and mild temperature … too nice to be sitting indoors at a computer!  Gonna go outside now and do some more reveling in nature.

Expect photos soon!  🙂

Here are a few … 

24 Comments on “An old man and a new blog …

  1. For example, I just posted the above on September 24 at 6:41 p.m. My computer shows the correct time but the blog shows it was posted at 11:41 p.m. I can’t find where the time and date can be modified.

  2. But, as is obvious to me now, resetting the time to the correct hour and minute has no effect on previously posted comments. The comment two posts above this one was made about ten minutes ago, yet is still shows that I won’t make that comment for another five hours???

  3. I hate these kinds of mornings! …

    Awaken from pleasant dreaming to a totally dark house. Not a sign of a sunrise through the window. Turn on the light to check the time. Great! Only 4:00 a.m. Time for hours more of delicious sleeping!

    Uh, oh! Brain switches on without being invited. Running in bug zapper mode … Thought … zzzt. Zapped that one! Second thought … zzzt. Another one fried! Another thought … zzzt. Jes’ keep ’em coming, mister. My zapper’s in fine fettle. Their dead before they know what hit them!

    Okay. Stop with the thinking! Check the time again. 5:15 a.m.

    Still time for plenty of delicious, deep sleeping.

    Bylla! Stop scratching! What’s a 110 Golden Retriever doing in bed anyway. Sheesh! You’re shaking the whole bed!

    Okay, let’s just roll over and regroup. Oops! Can’t! 12 pound cat is nesting on top of my legs.

    Just close your eyes and zzzz! Oh, no! Warning! Warning! Weird brain function activating. Pressing question must be answered before sleep returns.

    How many houses did I live in before I left home for good at age 20? Let’s see … Farrow, Grandpa’s on Delavan, Grandpa’s on 27th Street, Aunt Ree’s & Uncle Paul’s farm on Tauromee. Then back to the first house dad built on 27th, then to (I think it was on Georgia), then the garage at Bethel. Then the farm west of Basehor (wow, five whole years here!) Then back to 57th and Lathrop. Next, Green Prairie in Lenexa. Then 95th Terrace in Lenexa. Back to another house in Green Prairie.

    Oh, yes! Then the involuntary move to 9th street in KCMO at age 15, courtesy of my dropping out of school and staying out until the wee hours of them morning after have been warned about that!

    Six months later, back home again but not for too long. “You want to join the Marines?” I’ll be happy to give permission for your 17-year-old ass to go to Pendleton”

    Back home two years later but home is now on 89th street in Wyandotte county. Then a short stint with future cousin-in-law at 46th & Main in KCMO.

    Lessee … That’s 1, 2, 3, 4 … I count sixteen or seventeen places.

    Oh, good. I’m starting to get sleepy again and it’s still dark outside. Jus’. close. your. eyes … zzz …

    WHAT!!! You need to go outside? Are you sure? Okay, let’s go — all of you … and this had better not be a false alarm.

    Hurry up out there! Why is this taking so long? Just do you business and get back in here.

    Oh, look! The sun’s up!

    7:14 a.m. Dogs are snugged up back in bed, next to my lovely wife.

    Me? I’m wired. No more sleep this a.m. Might as well put some coffee on and get on with the day.

    All I can say is:

    Hurry up, bedtime!

    • It is such a delight to read your postings and now the blog. Made my day start off a little better. Hope you are not suffering as much with your back and other parts of your body. Love you very much brother.

  4. If you are here to talk about the sibling reunion, you’ve come to the right place. Just post a comment with suggestions as to when, where, what format and what time.

    • I’ve been thinking about it for a while too. Guess it’s the advanced age that stirs the need to be together. Were you thinking about spring time or sooner? Les will be having his surgery in early February so I doubt they will want to travel up this way much before March or April. As to location, I could accommodate all seven of us at my house, depending on whether we will be including spouses. Lori doesn’t have internet and Anna doesn’t do FB but does email occasionally. I’ll give more thought to it and hope everyone else will respond.

      • I haven’t really processed it beyond just wanting to do it. Whenever works mutually will be fine with me. Probably be better to do it after winter is over so that we have more options, including holding it out-of-doors somewhere.

        I didn’t know Les was having surgery. What kind?

  5. I am totally open! Other than watching “the love of my life” little Jackson Knight, I can plan on getting together any time everyone else can – hopefully on a weekend! I have Jackson every other Saturday, until January 2014, when Joe goes back to Monday thru Friday with his work schedule! I’ll wait to see updates from everyone else!

  6. Les is having a hip replacement. I think spring would be a great start to plan this reunion. I don’t have any thoughts about location but if we can have it outside there is an abundance of parks, lakes, etc. to choose from. I haven’t talked to the others and it appears no one has checked your blog. I don’t understand that but I will try to encourage those I talk to. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will bring health and happiness to all of you. I plan to go to Les’s after his surgery and help him in his recovery. Not that I will be all that much help but sounds like a good time to get out into the country and spend time with baby bro. Love and miss you a lot!!!

  7. Sunday, January 12, 2014 saw a high of 63ºƒ, 24 degrees above the average Kansas City area high for the date.

    Yesterday was a bit closer to normal (high of 47ºƒ) but blue skies and bright sunshine made it a fine day!

    Today is a more typical January day in the Hinterland. Forecasted high in the upper 30s, weak winter’s sunshine not able to successfully compete with a brisk northerly breeze.

    This is that time of year when the days (and, especially, the nights) seem to drag by. The joy brought by Christmas has faded. The barren limbs, brown grass and frigid temperatures seem to mock us in our longing for color and warmth.

    The good news is: We’ve moved one day closer to spring.

    Hurry up, robins, tulips and warm southerly breezes! …

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